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Master the Code Review

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In this video course, I'll teach you to Master the Code Review.

1️⃣ Write better code that gets approved in the first review.

2️⃣ Give better reviews that drive code quality and level up your peers.

3️⃣ Forge a better process to help your team ship better software, faster.

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Why code reviews?

Software engineers engage in code reviews daily. Think about how much time you spend performing code reviews, writing code that'll be reviewed, or addressing code review feedback. There's no denying it:

If you master code reviews, you'll level up fast. 📈

A few aspects of code reviews are objective — finding flaws and defects. But most aspects are subjective — opinion based discussions around software quality and readability.

Succeeding in code reviews takes specific soft skills, social skills and technical skills.Yet nobody's talking about them. And that's why I built this. 💥

Who's the instructor?

👋 I'm Curtis. 6 years ago, I could barely ship code at Amazon Web Services. My Pull Requests got 50+ comments, and took 7+ reviews. I went on to ship 550 PRs to production. In my last year at AWS, I shipped 90% of them in the first review. I've reviewed over 850 PRs. My code review feedback has helped my peers level up and earn promotions.

Through my writing, I've helped hundreds of developers around the globe Master the Code Review. I'll teach you to do the same.

This is an opinionated course by yours truly. I have first-hand experience on the topics I cover. You won’t find this information in code review documentation or guidelines you’ve seen anywhere else. 🔷

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Part 1: Forge a better code review process (1 hour, 17 minutes)

How to:

  • spot flaws in your team's process
  • force multiply your team's process
  • establish standards for code quality
  • empower your team to review effectively
  • enable your team to ship faster

Part 2: Give better reviews (1 hour, 24 minutes)

How to:

  • level up your peers
  • spot flaws, within and outside the diff
  • reduce churn with effective comments
  • build relationships while maintaining high standards

Part 3: Write better code (1 hour, 41 minutes)

How to:

  • craft functional, readable code
  • scope a review properly
  • get approval in fewer reviews
  • address ambiguous feedback
  • drive conflicts to resolution


Do I need to know a specific programming language?

No. This course covers technical skills, soft skills and social skills that are agnostic to programming language or framework.

I'm a [junior/mid-level/senior/staff] software engineer. Is this course for me?

The information in this course will be valuable for software engineers at all levels. However, if you've just started to learn to code, it's probably not for you.

What's the refund policy?

If you're not satisfied with the course, or it's not what you expected, reply to the download email within 30 days of purchase. You'll get a full refund, no questions asked.

Can I share this course with my team?

This version is for individual use only. You can also get a team license to share with your team, business or organization.

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Master the Code Review

99 ratings
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